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Act Green

Isn't it Time to 'GREEN' your wardrobe?

It's now time to update the most intimate part of your wardrobe! Various selection of Go Green bras…

Go Green Materials

Go Green collections by SKIVA are using 100% eco-friendly materials. It distinct product featured is…

Go Green with SKIVA

Our Collection Impresses Upon Our Clients With A Great Variety Range Of Undergarment Products: 1) Go…

About us

Eco-Friendly Undergarments

Hailing from Ampang of Kuala Lumpur, Grand Bell Trading S/B supplies and sells eco-friendly undergarments. A trusted supplier and company established since 2004, the company’s over a decade experience and in-depth expertise in the industry has rendered itself as one of the prominent and reliable providers of high quality undergarments.


What makes SKIVA different?

SKIVA, the leading Malaysian lingerie brand, has taken the lead in employing green technology and eco-friendly material in their production to ensure toxic-free products and maximum comfort for its customer. 
In fact, SKIVA is the PIONEER brand to have NON-TOXIC bras in Southest Asia.

Feel Free To Contact Us!!

Products that promote hygiene and green theme, attractive and striking are just some of the bywords describing our product range..

We do distribution nationwide, please contact us for your order requirements.