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Grand Bell Trading was incorporated since 22 November 2004. Our principal core business is in manufacturing, retailing and trading of female undergarments. The company acquired SKIVA brand, a local popular brand for almost 40 years on 8 January 2005.

SKIVA’s Go Green series has implemented Green material to produce Go Green bras. The core materials are 3D Fiberfills, Alloy Titanium Wire and Bamboo Charcoal fabrics, Dry Fit fabric.

SKIVA uses the 3D Fibrefill material as bra cup in which the material has gone passed the rigorous testing of OKEO-TEX Standard 100, certified to be the class-1 product, which is the highest standard of all product classes, meaning SKIVA products are even safe and suitable for babies.

SKIVA brand is also certified and recognized by the MyHijau, a green recognition scheme endorsed by the Government of Malaysia (Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water) that had a very high standard in providing an essential guide for government and corporate green purchasing that meet local and international environmental standards.

In our effort of brand development and improvement, SKIVA’s latest features are being the world’s lightest, an unimpeded flow of blood, prevent sagging, reduce wearer rib marks, breathable, wick sweat and easy to clean. The wearer will not sense or feel that she is wearing a bra.

SKIVA aims to reach out to inspire women through healthy, comfortable and stylish products, and friendly services, not only in Malaysia but reaching further into the world. SKIVA is the pioneer brand to have non-toxic bras in Southeast Asia.

Health are always the core of the brand.

To ensure consumers’well being and to be a trusted brand, we

  • Use 3D fiber-fill as molded cups and bra pads in all our products
  • Utilize materials with absolute non-toxic (e g. TDI)
  • To ensure that products harmless to human body and skin
  • Concern for quality, lessen environmental damage

We believe that beauty shouldn’t hurt, and it begins from the “inside“ alongside comfort and health

  • Soft & lighter, more comfortable to wear
  • High breath-ability & sweat-absorbent, reduce the uncomfortable of long time wearing and sweating
  • Quick drying & easy cleaning, prevent bacteria growth due to moisture
  • Bra pads are non-toxic & anti-yellowing, no worries, but wear it in good health

Our Promises

SKIVA has passed numerous domestic and international strict product safety testing and is certified to be Eco-Friendly, Heavy Metals & TDI Free and has reached the highest standard of all product classes, meaning our products are even safe and suitable for babies. We promise to bring the best for women.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® – Product class I

SGS Hong Kong Ltd. – Free and Blocked Diisocyanates Content

MYHijau Mark – Green Label Certification VSS

AmCen Lab Sdn Bhd – Certificate of Analysis

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