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skiva wireless vs wired

Wired vs Non-Wired Bra: Which one you prefer?

Better bras have underwires. No! Better bras come without wires. No! bras with wires! Most of the women are eager to reach a resolution to this never-ending discussion. Here, We’ve clarified the differences between the underwired bra and the non-wired bra so you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

PS: Both bras have their own charm!

Underwired Bras

An underwired bra has a strong wire attached to it that is sewed under the bra’s cup. Support is one of the main advantages of underwired bras, especially if your chest is bigger. You may feel less back discomfort or strain than you typically would during the day with the assistance of a wire. Additionally, underwired bras help to lift, separate, and contour your breasts more effectively.

Traditionally, underwired bras may have a wire that pokes out and irritates your skin. The wire may also become crooked and twisted over time and you will feel uncomfortable if that happen. 

With Skiva Alloy Titanium Underwired bra, you won’t realize you are wearing an underwired bra. Thanks to our R&D team, our underwired bra causes ZERO Pressure towards breast and the wire will not deform or rust overtime.


Wireless Bra

Wireless bras are often referred to as “soft cup” bras because they do not contain hard materials. All bras are made of fabric and are very comfortable for most women. It is better suited for women with small chests as they require less support from the bra. However, this does not mean that people with a large bust cannot wear a wireless bra. It all depends on your personal taste! Bras with no wires tend to last longer than wire bras because there are no wires that break or bend.

Undoubtedly, there are drawbacks. You won’t experience the same lift and separation when wearing a wireless bra as you would with an underwired bra. However, the degree of comfort makes up for the drawback.