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3 Things You Should Know If You’re Still Tired After Waking Up From A 12-Hour Sleep

It’s been 3 weeks into 2018 already, are you still feeling the tiredness from 2017?

Turns out, we may not really understand how to rest correctly. Resting correctly helps us to feel boosted up, but sometimes we still feel fatigue after 12 hours of sleep. The meaning of rest should be recover and relax, if you’re not feeling that, then you’re doing it wrong. Let’s learn some “resting skill” (yea, nowadays everything needs skills) to keep your 2018 boosted up and on track.

  1. Mental labours, sleeping doesn’t help you

Our common sense makes our first reaction to fatigue is to “lie down”. If you’re a physical labours, that works well for you, but if you’re sitting in an office, where the brain is extremely active and the body is in low active state, sleep plays a small role to your tiredness (unless you are staying up late and do not have enough sleep) because you don’t need much restoration to your physical energy, instead you should relax your mind and nerves. This is why even when you stay home and do nothing for the weekend but still not feeling rejuvenated.

  1. Change the way

The brain has more than a billion neurons in the cerebral cortex and different regions with different functions. When one region is active, the other regions rest; this is how by changing the content of activity, different regions of your brain get the rest they need.

Physiologist Sechenov performed an experiment, by taking 2 ways to cure the tired right hand – one is to rest both hands, the other is put the right hand to rest and let the left hand work, the result, with activating left hand, the right hand restores faster from fatigue. This proves that changing the activities which also changing activated brain regions is a positive way to rest.

So, instead of sleeping 12 hours after a tired day, it’s better for you to do some gardening or mild exercises like swimming on the next day to feel relaxed.

  1. Do something that relights the passion of your life

Maybe our passionless comes from the unchanged life, so the best break is doing activities that allow us to rediscover our passion for life and work. Still remember what your hobbies are? Make some time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after. It can be reading a good book, learning to cook a new dish or camping in the woods.

Maybe you’ll feel more relaxed cleaning the room than going to the karaoke; it doesn’t matter if your way is different from the others as everyone has different perspectives. What matters is, in 2018, let’s do the right thing for the better us and give our bodies what they deserve!



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